Log Loader Trucks

Grapple Trucks

You need a grapple truck? No doubt about it, this is the handiest truck around.

As a contractor ourselves, we build these units to be user-friendly. We understand it's the little details that make a difference. Just take a look at our front bulkheads & side stakes as an example and compare it to others out in the field - we know how these trucks are loaded and what is needed for a safe & secure load.

DMF / Mid Mount 1630 Hi-Rail Gear, 500HP, Serco 8500 Loader, Custom Body, and big rubber make this the King of the Railroad!

Options: Magnet; Remote Control (from the operator's seat). We have many to choose from!

Rent, lease, and purchase options available. We build them for everybody - How about you?

Inquire about our magnets that operate off your truck's batteries! No generator to service means decreased operating costs & less downtime! For 12 or 24 volt systems.

We have some available right now for sale!!

Contact us for additional information!