Founded in 1910, we are a 3rd generation railroad construction company. The two principals, Richard Barry and John Fields, both have over 40 years experience. Each superintendent has 20 to 30 years experience. Our reputation for completing our work accurately, and on time, is our bond.

Why are we known as Tartaglia Railroad Services?

Because we cover all basis...

  • Industrial Construction and Maintenance
  • Crossings
  • Bridge Decks
  • Shortline Railroad
  • Tie Gang Experience
  • Surfacing Gangs
  • Tourist Railroads
  • Track Support Systems

We offer 24-7 coverage for our customers. We interact with CSX, NS, and most Shortline Railroads. We support our work crews with state-of-the-art service vehicles and mechanics to keep break downs to a minimum. Emergency work includes wash outs and derailments.

Hi-Rail Equipment and Beyond

  • We are the premiere supplier of Hi-Rail Equipment in the Northeast.
    Pickups, Log Trucks, Rotary Dumps, and Gradalls are the most popular. However, we do the occasional Excavator, Drilling Rig, or Pole Truck.
  • We build complete rigs or retro fit.
  • Our shop is completely equipped for any build, re-build, or repair.
  • We do Hi-Rail Inspections and NYS Inspections. (Occasionally, a remote Hi-Rail Inspection.)
  • We service vehicles for railroads, contractors, and even fire departments.
  • Our mechanics and technicians are second to none.
  • We are a SERCO Dealer.